Copper in Design is proud to present a new exclusive line of high-end aged copper to the luxury interior and exterior world of architecture, furniture and jewellery. This hand made aged Copper is a unique expression of true heritage and workmanship, the influential design movement of past centuries to the modern and contemporary designs of today and future. Our material is strictly custom made; each piece is carefully handcrafted in warm unique textures and fine details giving it a stunning look. Some of the world’s most distinguished modern architects have relied on copper to create landmarks across the globe including;
  • Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous architect who specified copper in all of his building projects.
  • Michael Graves, an AIA gold medallist who designed over 350 buildings worldwide.
  • Renzo Piano, designed pre-painted clad copper for the NEMO-Metropolis Museum of science in Amsterdam.
  • Malcolm Holzman, used patina copper shingles at the WCCO Television Communications Centre in Minneapolis which became an architectural standout.
  • Marianne Dahlback and Goran Mansson, designed the Vasa Museum, a prominent feature of Stockholm’s’ skyline with 12,000 square metres of copper cladding.
  • Frank O. Gehry used copper in an artistic way by designing the enormous fish sculpture atop the Villa Olympia in Barcelona.

2017 Award winner of Copper Development Association (CDA) and the Canadian Copper & Brass Development Association (CCBDA)