colours copper in design


Just as Sakura seasonally renews Japan’s landscape, our copper designs offer a way to infuse spaces with a sense of rejuvenation and elegance. We aim to harmonize the timeless beauty of copper with the transitory nature of life, creating architectural elements that not only stand as tes-taments to craftsmanship but also as reminders of the ever-changing world around us.”
antique brown

Antique Brown

antique green

Antique Green

royal gold

Royal Gold

amethyst purple

Amethyst Purple

ivory white

Ivory White

turquoise blue

Turquoise Blue

ruby red

Ruby Red

pink rose

Pink Rose

terra cotta

Terra Cotta

egyptian amber

Egyptian Amber

spring green

Spring Green

black saphire

Black Saphire

custom colour montjoie

Custom Colour Montjoie

custom colour tokyo brown

Custom Colour Tokyo Brown